The Clarke Studios Symposium

In order to promote the digital collection created through the Clarke Stained Glass Studios project, the Digital Resources and Imaging Services Department is organising a symposium to demonstrate how such a resource can be used to address wide historical and social issues, including topics such as religious history, gender issues, national identity, migration studies, and post-colonial studies.  The symposium has received funding from the Trinity Long Room Hub’s Research Incentive Scheme, and it will take place on Febrary 6th, 2015.

The event will have a dual focus: on the one hand, the art historical and historical context in which Harry Clarke Stained Glass Ltd. existed, and on the other, the research impact that a digital resource of this type can have on humanities research in Ireland and internationally.

Twelve speakers have been invited to the symposium, with expertise ranging from art history and stained glass to digital collections. The symposium will provide a first look at outputs from the project and will also advance research methodology: attendees and speakers at the symposium will be asked to test the online collection and provide feedback about the usefulness of the resource. This data will be collected and analysed. Results will be published in journal article form, illuminating the impact of the digitisation project on existing research.



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